Chris Ward @ Morrissons, Kilkenny

March 30, 2018
10:00 pm
Kilkenny, IRL
Morrissons Nightclub, Kilkenny
Chris Ward @ Morrissons, Kilkenny

So 2018 is a year in which history will be made in Ireland. Since the foundation of the Irish state back over 100 years ago, good Friday (among other days) has long been a day in which the habits and actions of the Irish diaspora have been dictated by the rule of the catholic church. One such diktat is that no fun can be had on good Friday. None.  That is, no going out and socializing, no eating food and general self punishment and repentance should be observed all day, regardless of the presence or absence of any wrongdoing whatsoever.  All clubs, bars etc have traditionally closed on good Friday, however the legislation has now been changed, and 2018 is the first year that clubs, bars and alcohol serving establishments will open their doors to the public. To celebrate, I’m going to be in Kilkenny for a welcome return to one of the finest clubs in the city, Morrissons. I’ll be on the decks from 10pm dishing up some Oldskool House, Main-room and floor-filling vibes.