Flash Studios Re-Launch

The last three months have been crazy to say the least, and a substantial part of said crazy, came from a recent move. My studio. We moved all of about 700 meters to a different location in Carlow town. In the process we built a new live room and rebranded too, with a new logo and promotion campaign happening throughout the rest of the year.

Flash Studios is my occupational home in so-far-as, it is where I do most of my studio based work from. Whether that be working on my own music or working with other producers and DJs on their music, in a mixing or possibly mastering capacity, I spend quite a bit of time here. Since the facility exists, I think it would be a sin to keep it to myself, so my studio is available to anyone to book. Bands, musicians, singer – songwriters, vocalists, groups. Anything!

Have a look at www.flashstudios.ie for more.