Production Tutorials

Ireland is fast becoming a haven for aspiring music producers, DJs and musicians, and I have been lucky enough to work with some great new talents over the last number of years in a mentoring / tutorial role. Many people find it hard to get their head around the technical in’s and out’s of producing music in a studio environment, and often times the technical problems stand in the way of creativity and progress on any given project.

Obviously, there are lots of resources available to assist producers and DJs who are trying to hone their skills, such as PLC courses, online classes, YouTube tutorial videos and even magazines and published material such as Sound on Sound, Future Tech and Mixmag, to name but a few, however in my experience, there is little that can replace the one on one tutorial. Sitting in a studio environment with an established producer can slipstream your learning, and move you forward in leaps and bounds. I was lucky enough to shadow a few very talented music producers in the early days of my career and it got me to where I am today.

I work from a studio in Carlow town, Ireland and have limited but regular availability for one-on-one tutorial sessions with aspiring talent.

If you are interested and would like to hear more, please contact Flash Studios.