DJ, Producer &  Radio Presenter Chris Ward. who hails from the Irish capital Dublin but now based in Co. Carlow, has gradually built his profile, within the dance music scene both in Ireland and internationally. Focusing on the development and continued advancing of a specific sound across a number of different outputs, Chris has successfully developed a multi platform strategy as a DJ, via three main areas Live Events, Radio Broadcasting & Music Production.

Each of these elements have been developed as an independent skill set as part of an overall output, and Chris has worked on each one individually, as well as combining all three into a synergistic marketing strategy. At just 11, Chris began on this journey (which has had the same end goal since day one) by gradually building a profile as a DJ in Dublin, where he played many local private functions as well as small events such as teenage discos and parties. Alongside this, Chris also put the wheels in motion with his radio career, initially working on Dublin pirate stations before at the age of just 13, landing a slot on local station Dublin south Fm. Following a family move to Co. Carlow in 2003, Chris continued his radio career progress with shows on local stations in the area as well as later returns to radio in Dublin.

At the same time, Chris’ efforts on the live scene saw a move to playing local venues, and gradually, over a period of 5+ years, building to several high profile Club residencies across Ireland. To complement this success, Chris’ radio efforts continue today with weekly shows on South East regional station Beat 102 103.

Each of these elements form what is now Chris’ sound as an artist, using the avenues developed to date, as different aspects to an overall brand. Radio, Clubs, Podcasting & Music Releases. Currently, Chris features regularly on the dance music scene in Ireland and Internationally with a unique style of House, Techno and Trance being central to his output. Similarly on the airwaves, Chris’ style echoes that of his ‘sound’ with his Podcast and Syndicated radio show ‘The Digital Sessions’ which showcases music complementary to the same sound you will hear Chris play live.

Now regularly remixing and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business, as well as an ever expanding and developing sound as an original music producer, Chris’ music has been instrumental in the development of his artistic style and is now firmly placed as the third main aspect to Chris output as a DJ.

Throughout his lengthy career to date, naturally Chris has developed additional skill sets that are also part of his brand, such as hosting several on-screen interviews with some of the world’s biggest DJs as well as anchoring coverage, as a presenter, for several TV and screen features, within the spectrum of dance music. Recent music production side projects have seen Chris step into the area of Mixing and Mastering music which he does from his Carlow based studio. In addition, Chris voices and produces radio adverts and promotional videos for several large dance music events around the globe and has been the voice behind the promotion campaigns for brands such as Godskitchen, Ibiza Rocks, Planetlove, EDC, Future Music and many more.